GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) is an international, concise and precise symbolic language developed for the express purpose of documenting Design Intent..
Geometric Tolerances

Tolerance Simulation

Tolerance Analysis is a tool that allows examination of design before transferring to production, optimization of tolerances (tightening when necessary, releasing when possible), and verification of production and assembly processes.

Tolerance Simulation Outputs

Geometric Tolerances

Consulting Services

Our consulting services integrate rich practical experience in mechanical design and expertise in the GD&T discipline to provide our services from the designer’s point of view with full understanding of the product-development process and how this process interfaces with production and control.

Consulting Services


Gili Omri, a recognized and experienced trainer with total mastery of the subject matter, succeeds in pointedly and interestingly delivering the material while using real exercises and utilizing up-to-date didactic tools. I recommend that any organization engaged in mechanical development complete a training program of this type.

Yossi Bar El, R&D Mechanical Engineering Manager,
West Pharmaceutical Services

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