GD&T Specialization and Application Workshop

GD&T Specialization and Application Workshop

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The GD&T specialization workshop is based on practical GD&T application to a course participant’s own drawing portfolio, complete or partial.

The workshop focusses on functional constraints of the drawing content and translating these constraints into a geometrical requirements specification.
The workshop is divided into two parts:
• Short refresher on the material learned in the course “Fundamentals of Geometric Tolerances”
• The main emphasis of the workshop is on supervised work on the personal drawing portfolio

Course Content

Refresher on “Fundamentals of Geometric Tolerances”:
• Functional approach – geometrical features
• Relational systems and geometrical tolerances
• Process (relational systems, general tolerance, placement, refinement)

Design Preview Based on the Drawing Portfolio
• Requirements specifications
• Reading requirements and mapping constraints
• Functionality analysis – production constraints/review

Summary: Change summary / Corrections as necessary

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